Wyo Dogs Training Powell Wyoming

Mini-Course Checklist


  • One dog per handler, 14 weeks or older with current vaccinations
  • LEASH:
    Bring a 6' leather leash (available at Lintons) No Retractable Leashes but nylon leashes are acceptable. Your hands will thank you if you switch to leather.
    If your dog displays aggressive behavior in anyway (nipping, lunging, growling, biting) it is required that you bring a soft muzzle. However, keep your receipt because depending on the dog and the reason behind it's behavior it may not be necessary.
    Never leave a chain/slip or pinch collar on your dog while not in training or directly supervised by an adult.

    Bring a chain collar/slip collar that has 2-3 inches extra chain after it's put on. Chain collars come by length. Get the finest link chain that you can get for your dog's size. The finer the chain, the smoother it will work. We will check your collars as you come in to make sure they are on correctly. Please remove all other collars, bandanas & harnesses.
    If you bring a pinch/prong collar
    - Pinch collars look much more intimidating than they actually are. Prong collars come by size (small, medium, large or extra large) and links are removed for a proper fit. We can assist you with those as well. It's advised to use tips in coordination with your prong collar. They are small black rubber tips that fit over the ends of the prongs which provide a separate level of training and only need to be removed if deemed necessary. Small, medium and large tips will be available for purchase for $5/pack at training.
    Bring your dog's favorite treats (small bites/pieces or mild jerky). Load up your pockets!
    If you think you'll need it, please bring a small snack. We do have snack & bathroom breaks. People and Dog water is provided.
    Training is indoors unless otherwise specified. We recommend layers and comfortable shoes.
    You are welcome to bring family members that will also be handling the dog but it's best to maintain a single handler during training. We try to have enough extra seating for family/friends but if you are bringing a lot of people, it's not a bad idea to through in a few camp chairs just in case. We ask to not bring children that require the handler's supervision because we need all of your attention on training.


  • DO NOT FEED your dogs the morning of class (keeps them alert during training)
  • Exercise your dog before class (a calm dog is easier to work with)
  • Letting your dog do their "duty" before coming to class (pooper scooper & paper towels will be available and we ask that everyone clean up after their dogs)
  • All dogs must be on leash at all times - unless instructed otherwise
  • NO SNIFF POLICY - no contact between dogs unless instructor gives permission. Please keeps your dogs at your left side or at least close to you when you arrive.
  • Older kids can sign up but a parent must be on-site ready to take over if needed
  • Young children must be supervised by an additional adult so the primary handler of the dog can devote their full attention to class
  • Please turn cell phones off during classes
  • Recording (video & audio) is not allowed during classes (photos will be taken during obedience classes and shared with you afterwards)